Tim Watts

Ottawa, Canada

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Born in a small town in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada, I am very passionate about landscape photography. Although my full time occupation is as an Information Technology Manager in Healthcare, I love to get out and explore new areas to see what interesting views I can find. I’m always searching for the right combination of light, clouds, and landscape.

While living in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, I’ve recently had the pleasure of discovering Mer Bleue, a picturesque jewel within the city limits. I've also explored the rugged beauty of the Eastern Canadian coastline, the West Coast of British Columbia and the picturesque rock and sandstone formations in the Southwest United States. It was back in Vancouver, British Columbia though that I combined my love of nature with a talent for composing photographs ... I've been hooked ever since.

Though it was the beauty of the natural world that first drew me into photography, I’ve come to appreciate some of life’s finer moments. No longer content to merely capture the beauty of a breaking wave or piercing sky, I strive to capture the moments that can be cherished and remembered.

I hope you enjoy my photos. I encourage you to visit again soon to see the shots from my latest excursion. All photos posted on this site are available for sale. I also have more photos that are not posted. If you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to ask. You can also find me on Facebook

If you are interested in hiring me, please get in touch with me using the web form.

Artist Statement

Born in a small town in the southern interior of British Columbia, I grew up with a passion for the great outdoors. As a child I was always outside climbing trees, riding bicycles and exploring the surrounding nature. I was fortunate to have had a large undeveloped area to explore across the street from our house. As a young man, I sometimes joined my father when he attended rodeos to photograph the cowboys in action. His passion was western photography. This passion along with his words of encouragement prompted me to follow in his footsteps and explore my artistic side through landscape photography.

I photographed mostly automobiles when I started. Now that I’m fortunate enough to travel to different parts of the world, I find great joy in capturing many of the amazing sights I come across. What’s most interesting is adjusting the photographs afterwards through post-processing. It’s through this process that the artist inside of me comes through.

With the advent of digital photography and some excellent Nikon camera gear, I’m free to play. I love using HDR techniques to bring an image to life. Subtlety has no place in my photos. I want my photos to be larger than life, to jump off the walls with their clarity and vibrancy.

The Gear

Cameras & Software

Nikon Cameras & Lenses

I’m fortunate enough to have some of the best camera gear around. I’ve been a longtime fan of Nikon cameras and lenses. I use a Nikon D800E as my primary camera and my D7000 as a backup camera only if something has happened to the D800E. So far so good!

  • Nikon D800E
  • Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4G ED
  • Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod - 755CX3
  • Manfrotto Junior D410 Head
  • Really Right Stuff D800 L-Bracket
  • Really Right Stuff Nodal Slide
  • Really Right Stuff Quick Release Bracket
  • KATA 17 liter Camera Backpack/Bag


Post-Processing Software

Software for post processing changes rapidly, but here is the current stack of software I use to manage my photo library, as well as process for web and print.

  • Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • ON1 Photo Raw 2017



Ottawa, Canada

I primarily shoot in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, Canada. However, I plan to go back and shoot the mountains and coast of British Columbia where I grew up.

Death Valley National Park, California

I have now been to Death Valley twice, both times were really interesting. There is such a diverce variety of nature to capture, I need to spend more time in there exploring. Make sure you check in at the Park Rangers station to check on weather conditions and any closures that might be in effect while you are there.

Zion National State Park, Utah

So far this has been one of my favourtie spots to explore. While only there for one day, it was breathtaking! I plan to go back and spend a week in the park, camping so that I will be able to truly experience the beauty of the nature in Zion.

Red Rock State Park, Nevada

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas. On the last day of the trip I wanted to do some exploring and searched the internet. Red Rock was an obvious choice. Depending on where you are in Vegas, it’s roughly twenty minutes out of town. I would recommend it to everyone during their Vegas vacation.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

The name “Valley of Fire” drew my interest and I decided to see it. This was a jewel of a find. As I drove there, I had no idea what I’d find or what to expect. I was definitely not disappointed. As interesting as Red Rock State Park was, the Valley of Fire State Park is so much more. The rock formations are very interesting and unique. Unfortunately, it was only a quick trip through. I hope to explore it again and have more time there.